Debbie Neddenriep, Chair

 Losing the legislature, statewide offices, and senate seat in the last mid-term election inspired me to get more involved in supporting and promoting Republicans candidates.  There are many conservatives in Carson City and across Nevada who also want to do all they can to get Republicans elected in their communities, at the legislature, in state offices and to congress and the senate in Washington, D.C. Elections are won in neighborhoods, precincts, and communities.        

Therefore, I became the campaign committee chair and a great team of women have joined this committee to mobilize every woman to get republicans elected. This fits with the Nevada GOP goal to take our political battle to the streets and win Nevada back – one precinct at a time. The Carson City Women’s club will be working with the Carson City Republican Central Committee and State GOP in this effort.        

What is the strategy to meet this objective? Build a network of volunteers across our communities to get Republicans elected. This will include building a network of hostesses to open their homes for Republican meet and greet events; creating a database of volunteers to walk precincts and make phone calls, staffing Republican headquarters, registering voters, driving voters to polls, raising money. If every woman in our community engages in this effort by doing a small part, we can make a difference.        

Over the next few months, we are going to ask every current and new member to fill out a card (included in this article) on how you might be able to help.  When you come to the luncheon, you will be given this card when you pay. Please fill it out and turn it in. If you have a friend or neighbor who wants to get involved, direct them to myself or Janice Baldwin, our membership chair.