Susan Ruch, Legislative Chair


Voter Fraud Warning Sign Voter Fraud Ahead Caution Sign Flag Background voter fraud stock illustrationsBill AB 321 is being heard again on April 1. This bill destroys our Voter Integrity. I will be exposing how detrimental the bill is to our state.

 Mail in Ballots to everyone. You will have to opt out if you do not want a mail in ballot. There will be
concern if the ballot was mailed incorrectly during the election cycle.

 Electronic Devices (Optical Scan provided by Dominion Voting Systems) to Verify signatures. Joe Gloria,
the voter registrar in Las Vegas adjusted his Optical Scan lower to 40% acceptance rate of signatures 10%
lower than the manufacture’s recommendation. These machines will also accept good quality photo copies
of ballots. There are huge implications and opportunity for fraud.

 Automatic Voter Registration with DMV, once registered you don’t have to show ID for voting. Illegal
people in the state of NV can get a DRIVER AUTHORIZATION CARD (NRS 483.230), it looks just like yours
and mine. The Number is also the same as ours as they don’t want to discriminates even though they are
here illegally. Understand, if they have this card, they will not be asked if they are legally qualified to vote
at other locations. It will be illegal to ask for any other identification. This Legislation will destroy Nevada.

What can you do? Start calling all of the assemblymen\women and tell them NO do not vote for this bill,
WE want Voter Integrity. Call, email and share with everyone. Have your family and friends call to oppose this
bill. We need hundreds of people to call. You can also do written testimony opposing the bill at the Legislative
website. The Primary Sponsor of this bill is Assemblyman Jason Frierson
Contact all assemblymen/women consistently and tell them your thoughts on voter integrity. Tell them you
want election reform, voter ID, In Person Voting, no mail in ballots. If they pass this bill it will lead to massive
voter fraud like the election of 2020. We need your help for all Nevadans.



Thought it might be helpful to remind everyone how easy it is to state your opinion on any of the bills currently under deliberation.



The Legislature link is: Complete the form, state your opinion and your opinion will be counted.

Throughout a legislative session, legislators review these opinions to gain perspective on how constituents in their districts feel about legislation. Constituent names, address and other personal information are NOT made public, but are available to legislators so they will know who is submitting the comment and are able to contact the constituent if they so desire. Only opinion totals and comments are made publicly available on this site.

“There is a power in public opinion in this country and I thank God for it – for it is the most honest and best of all powers which will not tolerate an incompetent or unworthy man to hold in his weak or wicked hands the lives and fortunes of his fellow citizens.” – Martin Van Buren


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