According to our CCRW Bylaws, a nominating committee of five members, two from the Board of Directors and three from the general membership, shall be elected in September. At the September Board of Directors' meeting, two board members are elected to serve on the nomination committee and three more will be chosen at our General Membership meeting from those in attendance. Our Parliamentarian is also a part of the committee. The committee then meets before the end of September to procure a slate of officers for the year 2022. At the October Board of Directors meeting and the general membership meeting the committee reports a slate of officers with at least one qualified name for each office. When the slate is reported to the general membership, nominations from the floor shall be in order. Elections shall be by ballot at the November meeting. When there is no contest, election is held by voice vote. Please be sure to attend upcoming meetings to be informed of our 2022 candidates for CCRW. Your input and involvement is what continues to make CCRW a leading Club in Nevada.

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