2021 Anita Kornoff, Chair

This committee was created to utilize our website and Facebook page to engage new members and followers. As of December 2020, Anita Kornoff assumed responsibility Social Media Committee Chair and Website Administrator. Please send Anita any club-related information you would like to share on this website. Email her at manxmania@yahoo.com.


New information appears on the right-hand side of the homepage under RECENT POSTS ()blogs) on your P.C. screen. If you are accessing it from a desktop P.C. simply scroll down to see what’s new. If you are using a cell phone tap on three white bars on upper right of screen to open menu options.  If you are having any trouble, please see Anita at one of our club meetings. 


Our Facebook page is currently being managed by Angela Dean.  Please let her know if there is something you would like to share on that site. 


Attention: CCRW Committee Chairs. Jerys set up a special tab for each committee’s information. It can be found across the menu bar at the top of the HOME PAGE of our website. Please check your committee tab to see if any changes are needed and let Anita know.

The site is being continually updated as events occur and notices are received. Please check it frequently for the latest news at CCRWclub.com.  The most important thing to remember when accessing our site is to be sure and type “club” after CCRW.  

A website is only of value if it’s up-to-date and people use it. I’ll do my part keeping it updated, and hope that you will choose to use it? Please contact me with any SUGGESTIONS or QUESTIONS, –Anita Kornoff

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