Cosette Rough, Chair


What is M.E.L.P.?

  • Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)
  • Oldest national Federation of Republican Women’s program.
  • 50 years of book donations from an approved list to schools, libraries, hospitals and other public institutions.
  • CCRW provides this opportunity to Carson City Library and to Dayton Library (new this year).
  • Once the librarians choose and receive their books, CCRW places a nameplate inside each book, honoring CCRW members.
  • CCRW board determines those members to be honored.
  • Books purchased are shown at general meeting, presenting them to the membership and then returned to the library with a donation of $50 to each library.
  • This is a wonderful tradition in which our Club participates; we are proud of our contribution to the libraries.
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