Janice Baldwin, Chair

Ladies – remember your jewels!

BLUE: Bring a friend to lunch and help then to join our Club

WHITE: Willing to help on a committee

We have many women with jewels on their name badges. You truly add the sparkle to our Club!

Our membership luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th in the Nevada Room of the Governor’s Mansion. All 2019 new members get to come for free! Our theme this year is “Proud to be an American”.

We will be honoring women and a few men who have honored American values? We’ll be updating our information as we fill in the details.

We had six new Members in February and one Associate Member.

  • Deni Cass
  • Rhonda Crivelli
  • Rose Kinsley
  • Jeff Melvin
  • Susan Melvin
  • Donna Myers
  • Cosette Rough

We welcome you to our Club. We hope you feel welcome and want to get involved with “Making America Great Again”.