A Prayer for Election Day

Millions of Americans will vote TODAY, November 8. It’s an important day and one that should be covered in prayer. Here is a suggested prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the right to vote. May we never take it for granted in this nation. Please give me and those around me wisdom as we exercise this responsibility to help decide the future of our nation.

We pray for a smooth process at polling places everywhere. We pray for peace at polling places everywhere. We pray protection over poll workers, voters, and candidates. We pray against trouble, deceit, and fear.

Ultimately, we ask that Your will be done in this nation. That You would help us trust You no matter the outcome. That You would guide the hearts and minds of those who are elected to office tomorrow, and that You would turn the hearts in this nation back to You.

Thank you for praying with me. God listens when we pray, and He promises to be in our midst when we gather in His name. I encourage you to share this prayer widely so that as many Christians and Jews as possible can be united in prayer over Election Day tomorrow.

God bless America

Kerby Anderson, Host
Point of View Radio Talk Show



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