ALERT – Here are some 2023 Legislative Bills You Will Want to Know About!

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ALERT – 2023 Legislative Session Update

Note: Click on the links below to let your legislators know how you feel! Enough public feedback can kill a bad bill before it even goes up for a vote! Your voice can make a difference. 

This update was provided by Nye County GOP.


Our weekly update from Carson City is in! While the past few weeks have been riddled with weather delays and closures, it certainly did not slow Democrats from pushing BAD legislation. See a recap of good & bad legislation as well as news and updates below. Carson City Republican Party

As always, for all things pertaining to the NV Leg, we utilize the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS).

You can also follow the Nevada Leg. YouTube channel which will provide individual live streaming links for both the Assembly and Senate’s committee and floor meetings, here.


Note: To read the bill, see sponsor information, or leave a public opinion, please click the title of the bills below.

September 14, 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election Results | Mono County CaliforniaAB230: “Election Night, not Election Week”  Assembly members Gray, Gurr, Yurek, and Gallant have all signed their name to this bill requiring mail ballots be received by the last day of early voting. We’ve seen our election drag out for weeks and this is a great step towards ensuring our elections are decided on election night not election week.

AB88: “Voter ID” Assemblyman Greg Hafen’s bill requiring voters to show I.D. at the polls.



AB89: “E-Verify for Employment” This bill would require contractors to utilize the federal electronic employment verification system to ensure those they are hiring are eligible for employment.


AB103: “Limits Emergency Powers” Sisolak, Newsom promise 'immediate relief' for I-15 traffic at Nevada-California border | Las Vegas Review-Journal“Revises provisions relating to states of emergency or declarations of disaster proclaimed by the Governor”.



Religion symbols hi-res stock photography and images - AlamyAB111: “Protecting Religious Rights” This bill would protect rights of Nevadans to display religious items at their homes, regardless of HOA status.



Note: To read the bill, see sponsor information, or leave a public opinion, please click the title of the bills below.

AB115: “Safe Injection Sites” Legal spots to shoot up illegal drugs? Why California may OK them - CalMattersFrom Assemblyman Hafen: “another bad bill looking to create heroin injection sites in our state. Rather than stopping the drug problem in our state, we have members of the Assembly who want to make it easier and safer for people to shoot up heroin.”


SB142: “Homeless Bill of Rights” New Sanctioned Encampments Just One Step In Helping People Experiencing Homelessness | Colorado Public RadioHave you seen San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle lately? This bill would even further the issues we see in Nevada with homeless encampments and turn our beautiful state into our neighbors to the West. 



SB162: “Polling Places in Jails” While Republican leaders are proposing common sense election reform, such as Voter I.D., Democrats are proposing their own radical election reforms. This bill would require officials to open unique polling locations in city and county jails for inmates. It even goes as far as to require clerks to coordinate from one county to another to retrieve or collect ballots if the prisoner is registered to vote in a county different from where they are imprisoned.

B96: “Increase of Property Taxes”   Tax increase alert! This bill would raise the property tax cap from 3% to 8%. Unnecessary because we already have a surplus.


Children's medical treatment requires health providers to adjust the decision making to the specific child, family, and the circumstances  SB172: “Cancels Parental Consent for Minor Medical Treatments” This is simple. Parental consent should be required for minors, in all aspects of life, but especially in medical decisions.

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