All-Important Voter Integrity–Strides Made


There are many freedoms that we enjoy as Americans, and one of them is the RIGHT TO VOTE.

Election integrity has become a top priority for us because we as citizens of Nevada and America, deserve to go to the ballot box and trust that our votes are processed and counted properly.

It is NOT radical or extreme to want fair and honest elections, and we have pulled NO STOPS to make sure that there is integrity in our state’s voting process.

And since then, we’ve made incredible strides:

  • We’ve worked to clean up voter rolls of deceased voters. 
  • We’ve trained and recruited thousands of poll workers across the state.
  • We’ve worked to improve signature verification for every county.
  • We have put measures in place to make sure meaningful observation of ballot processing and counting are available in ALL counties. 

This is only a small part of what we’ve been able to accomplish in only TWO YEARS. And we don’t plan on stopping there.

To help support Fair Elections please click this link:

For the fight ahead,


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