CCRW Newsletter News!

Hi Everyone,

After many years at the helm, Nancy Dallas has asked me to take on the responsibility of putting out our club’s monthly newsletter. I hope she will choose to continue contributing her knowledge to future issues as she sees fit. A big thank you to Nancy for fulfilling these duties for so long–and enjoy your well-deserved “time off for good behavior.”  

For my first issue in June, I request a DEADLINE of May 20, as I will be reformatting the newsletter to match the software I use. All members of the Executive Board are asked to submit their officer’s messages by the 20th. 

The general membership is also invited to share stories and photos of things they’ve participated in lately, i.e., debates, candidate meet and greets, etc. Please let me know of any upcoming events you think might interest your fellow club members. I also maintain the website and can post events there, even those with a short lead time.

I look forward to your input for the June Trumpeter. Please send articles in Word format (limit to 300 words or less if possible). All photos or flyers should be sent separately in jpg format and NOT embedded in the document. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 775-781-1995 or email [email protected]


Anita Kornoff

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