Legislative Bill Watch update from the NvFRW

LIST: The 82nd Nevada Legislative Session began on February 6, 2023

AB1: Sales & Tax Solid Waste Disposal Tax Proposal

Why We Oppose It: While this measure does require a vote of the people to pass, legislators need to stop using workarounds to the Gibbons Rule’s 2/3rd majority rule.

AB5: Local Government Unfunded Liabilities Studies

Why We Support It: The legislature constantly passes unfunded burdens to local governments without account for measures to pay for them, which inevitably leads to either local government debt or higher taxes. Conducting a study that collects all the information on unfunded mandates toward local governments will help drive transparency and serve as a roadmap to address overspending.

AB6: Expansion of Patient Protection Commission Powers and Duties

Why We Oppose It: Government interference into the healthcare market has gotten us to where we are today. This legislation and the Orwellian-named Patient Protection Commission will do little to help control the cost of healthcare and much to continue to prevent a cost-effective and efficient patient-centered market to form that provides quality healthcare with great access to all Nevadans.

SB9: Revises Provisions Relating to Education

Why We Oppose It: Nevada Policy is concerned that with the elimination of end-of-year finals, Nevada will lose an objective metric for accountability and teacher evaluation.

SB10: Revises Provisions Relating to State Infrastructure Bank

Why We Oppose It: Major transparency concerns in this bill should raise red flags for government watchdogs. Depriving taxpayers the right to know who is engaging with the State Infrastructure Bank is wrong and would lend itself to increasing the opportunity for corruption.

SB11: UAVs for Code Enforcement & Inspections

Why We Oppose It: The use of UAVs by local governments raises privacy concerns and potential 4th Amendment violations. The constitutionality of such legislation is in question.

SB24: Makes Office of Small Business Advocacy Permanent

Why We Support It: As one of the few positive government programs that exist, making the SBA permanent would be a positive policy move for small businesses and upstart entrepreneurs in Nevada.

SB28: Expands Film Tax Credits

Why We Oppose It: Film Tax Credits should be eliminated. They are generally net-losing policy across the country. Nevada has much greater needs for tax dollars than to subsidize film producers.

SB56: Commission on School Modernization

Why We Oppose It: Nevada Policy opposes the bill unless it is amended to include Governor appointments to the School Modernization Board.

SB65: School Board Certification Requirement

Why We Oppose It: SB65 places barriers on individuals who might want to pursue school board office in favor of incumbents. Currently, the requirements being sought in sections 2 & 3 to be imposed on citizens prior to being a candidate are mandatory for school board members when elected and they should remain as is. Imposing undue burdens to attain public office to protect incumbents is unbecoming of functioning democracies.

SB68: Tax Increase for Real Property Transfers

Why We Oppose It: Nevada does not need to raise taxes. We currently have a billion dollar surplus. Moreover, the housing crisis would be more effectively addressed by enabling more supply to enter the market vis-à-vis deregulation and zoning reform as to allow market supply to meet demand.


Thought it might be helpful to remind everyone how easy it is to state your opinion on any of the bills currently under deliberation.

The Legislature link is: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/80th2019. Complete the form, state your opinion and your opinion will be counted. 

Throughout a legislative session, legislators review these opinions to gain perspective on how constituents in their districts feel about legislation. Constituent names, address and other personal information are NOT made public, but are available to legislators so they will know who is submitting the comment and are able to contact the constituent if they so desire. Only opinion totals and comments are made publicly available on this site.

“There is a power in public opinion in this country and I thank God for it – for it is the most honest and best of all powers which will not tolerate an incompetent or unworthy man to hold in his weak or wicked hands the lives and fortunes of his fellow citizens.” – Martin Van Buren


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