For the Love of America, Do Something Campaign

Our latest campaign, “For the Love of America Do Something,” says it all. Once more, what can you do? First, double-check to make sure you are a registered Republican you can do that right here on the website home page.  We should all be OPTING OUT of receiving a mail-in ballot! We only have until September 9th to complete the form. The ballots cost $5 and waste taxpayers’ money while increasing opportunity for voter fraud.  Election Integrity is vital to ensure fair elections, especially here in Carson City.

Volunteer to make calls or walk to get the VOTE OUT. To help ensure election integrity, become a Poll Watcher, and by all means, vote on ELECTION DAY, November 8th. If you want or need to use the mail-in ballot, drop the ballot off on Tuesday, November 8th, at the Community Center’s Drop Box. Otherwise, stand in line with all your Proud Republican sisters and brothers and vote on Election Day. Please consider becoming a member of the CCRCC Central committee.  Meeting are on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Casino Fandango. Encourage every friend, family member, and acquaintance to vote. This is a must if  we hope to overwhelm the Democrats and secure a massive win. Please help save our country, our constitution, our our freedom of speech, and our right to bear arms. We need you to JOIN THE RED WAVE.

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