How to Sign Up to Testify Virtually at Nevada Legislature

Janine Hansen of Nevada Families for Freedom has published an excellent step-by-step guide for how you can participate in the legislative process even as legislative leaders continue to ban the public from entering the building.

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

It is easier than what you may think!

• Go to
• You must know the Committee, Meeting time, and the specific Bill number.
• Click on “Scheduled Meetings” on the right- hand side of the top blue bar.
• Scroll down to the Date, Time, and the
Specific Committee.
• Click on the Name of the Committee.
• A screen will come up with the Date, Time, and Committee name.
• Below that is a box that says “Additional Meeting Details.”
• There are four boxes. Click on the fourth box, “Participate.”
• A white screen will pop up which says
• Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Participate.”
• A new screen will appear. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Phone number and Email address, and any other details you want to include.
• Below that, it says, “Are you here for an “Agenda Item” or “Public Comment.”
• If you plan to speak on a specific bill, check “Agenda Item.” If you plan to speak during public comment (not on the specific Bill), check “Public Comment.”
• All Testimony is being limited strictly to two minutes. Prepare your remarks accordingly.
• When you check “Agenda Item,” another screen will come up. Click on “Bill or Bud- get” and Click on the Bill number you wish to address.

• Next to “Bill or Budget” is “Position” click on the down arrow. Click on “Support,” “Op pose,” or “Neutral” for the Bill you will be testifying on.
• Below “Bill or Budget” is another box which is “Representing.” If you are representing an organization, type it in there. If you are representing yourself, just type self.
• Next to the “Representing” box is “I wish to speak on this item,” Check that box.
• If you are speaking on more than one item, then click on the blue box “+Add this item.” Otherwise, do not click on “+Add this item.”
• Below is a white box; click on “I’m not a robot,” and follow instructions.
• Click on the blue box on the right-hand corner, “Submit.”
• New Screen comes up, “Meeting Participation – Success.”
• It tells you who to contact if any of the information is incorrect.
• It tells you an email will be sent confirming your participation, and the number to call and the meeting ID you will have to enter.
• The green box below also has the phone number to call and the meeting ID.
• When meeting starts, there may be multiple items on the agenda. If you want to be sure to speak, you must call in by the time the meeting starts, or try when the item comes up on the agenda. They often change the order of agenda items for the hearing.
• When your Bill is opened for Testimony, those in favor go; first, those opposed next, and neutral last. The phone manager will say all those who want to speak in favor press “star *9,” and when they are finished, he will say all those opposed press *9. You will be placed in a queue (online waiting list), waiting for your turn.
• You will be able to listen to all the Testimony on the phone.
• When the phone manager announces the last three numbers of your phone number, it is your turn to testify.
• You may also be asked to press *6 to unmute yourself, or they may unmute you.
• Give your name and spell it. Then give your two-minute Testimony. Be polite.
• There is a 45-second delay between the video broadcast of the Committee hearing online and the hearing on the phone.
• They usually allow up to 30 minutes for Testimony (it could be less), so if you do not have an opportunity to participate, please send in written Testimony which will be added to the Legislative Record. However, usually, everyone can testify.
• If you do speak, you should also send in your written Testimony.
• For instance, if you have difficulty saying “no such meeting number exists,” you can call the Helpline: 775-684-1300 or Email How to Submit Written Testimony on a Bill.
• Go through the first four steps on the “How to Testify” list. Then on the far-right side, next to the Committee’s name, click on “Agenda.”
• The Committee agenda will come up. At the bottom is the email of the Committee. Submit your written Testimony to the email for the Committee. Include the number of the Bill, your name, and address.
• How to Submit your Opinion on a Bill.
• Go through the first seven steps on the
“How to Testify” list.
• There are four boxes; click on the third box, “Submit Opinion. Fill out the form.

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