MUST READ! Message From CCRW Legislative Chair

Legislative Update – Susan Ruch, CCRW Legislative Chair 

In today’s political climate and with all the legislation being introduced in Nevada and the US Senate it’s difficult to pick just one or two items that are most important to our cause. I have been pouring over the various bills trying to pick what is most relevant and deeply concerning. U.S. Senate bill HR 1 appears to be the most detrimental to America, the land that we love. Elections have consequences and HR 1 will ensure the total destruction of our Election Integrity. I hope after reading this information you will feel the anger and outrage that drives you into action to fight this dreadful bill designed by none other than Nancy Pelosi. I have listed the most egregious aspects of the bill for you to review.

1. Prohibits States from requiring more than a signature to verify a person’s eligibility to vote. 

2. Prohibits states for requiring Voter ID.

3. Forces States to use same-day registration. 

4. Forces states to give Mail-In Ballots to all American Indians whether they asked for one or not (mind you, there were ballots purchased by Biden’s people with Visa Cards, Cartons of Cigarettes and Cash which was caught on a video here in NV).

5. Allows 16-year-olds to register to vote even though they cannot vote until they are 18. Effectively this allows them to vote because their ID is not required to be presented at polling locations and if questioned, they will only have to sign a statement that they are eligible to vote.

6. Forces States to have 15 days of consecutive days of Early in Person Voting. Forces states to ensure that no one will wait no longer than 30 minutes to Vote in person. This will encourage states to adopt only Mail-In Ballots.

7. Forces States to Accept Mail-In-Ballots up to 10 days after the election.

8. Authorizes Congress to unilaterally reduce a States Representation in Congress when the Right to Vote is Denied. 

9. Forces States to use Voting Machines that can tabulate Ranked Choice Voting. The largest companies who offers this feature in voting machines are Electronic Systems and Software, Dominion Voting System and Hart Intercivic.  All of these companies use parts from China and the Philippines and are owned by Private Equity Firms. It is a big secret as to who are the actual owners of these companies. Much of their equipment is designed with modems built into the hardware which means they are tallying votes via internet and can be hacked. This is not a surprise that the power-hungry liberals would require the states to use one of these companies.

10. The bill forces States to have Drop Off Boxes for 45 days before the election during all hours of the day. 

There is much more to this bill, too much for me to include. I do encourage you to do more research and educate yourself. That is the only way we can defeat this insane Leftist movement. Also please contact your Senators and tell them NO!–do not vote for this bill. I suggest going to Contact Senator through Duckduck Go, there you can contact all 100 senators by email if you would like to. It also lists who is up for reelection in 2022 and I believe that we should be contacting these Senators especially asking them politely to vote NO for this bill and reminding them they are up for reelection.  

Quote by Thomas Jefferson, “Educate and inform the whole mass of people … they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Please share and educate your families and friends it’s more  important than ever.   


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