Legislative Update 2/15/2019

This is the first of the CCRW Legislative Alerts that will be provided each Friday during Session.  The Club’s 2019 Legislative Committee consists of Joy Trushenski, Diane Allen, Amber Turner and Sheri LeTourneau.

Our plan is to monitor the Bills that we think will have the most impact or concern to our Club members and share the information with you.  Of course, we welcome any feedback you may have.

Beyond our Friday Alerts, there are several websites where you may track bills and garner more in-depth information:

           Nevada Legislature – https://www.leg.state.nv.us/

           Nevada Policy Research Institute – https://www.npri.org/

           Contact your individual legislators (contact info may be found on the Legislature website)   

           The Alerts will also be posted on our CCRW Website – https://ccrwclub.com/ and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/carsoncityrepublicanwomen/

           In addition, for more information on the following bills, use the “Digest” pull-down button on the Legislative website bill tracker.

CCRW Legislative Alert – February 15, 2019

AB5: Revises provisions governing the amendment of the land use plan of the master plan by local government planning commissions. Sponsor: Committee on Government Affairs

AB8: Revises provisions governing the levels of supervision for probationers and parolees. Sponsor: Committee on Judiciary 

AB10: Revises provisions governing the duties of the Director of the Department of Corrections when an offender is released from prison. Sponsor: Committee on Judiciary

AB11: Revises provisions governing Veterans Services. Sponsor: Assembly Committee on Government Affairs

AB73: Provides for additional sources of funding for services and affordable housing for persons who are homeless or indigent. Sponsor: Committee on Taxation

AB84:  Provides for the issuance of state general obligation bonds to protect, preserve and obtain the benefits of the property and natural and cultural resources of the State of Nevada. Sponsor: Committee on Ways and Means

AB113: Revises provisions governing the taxation of certain deliveries and transfers of firearms. Sponsor: Titus

AB118: Revises provisions relating to certain financial transactions and short-term loans. Sponsor: Swank, Cohen, Duran, Fumo, Nguyen, Peters, Sprinkle and Watts

SB101: Revises provisions relating to the adoption of the equity allocation model used to calculate a basic support guarantee for each school district. Sponsor: Committee on Finance

SB106: Revises provisions governing the minimum wage required to be paid to employees in private employment in this State. Sponsor: Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy

SJR6: Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to provide for certain increases in the minimum wage.

SJR14: Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise certain provisions relating to property taxes. Sponsor: Committee on Revenue and Economic Development

The current bills read in HHS and sent to the other side for review, reflect greater protection for individuals seeking services for behavioral health issues. and becoming a provider of Medicaid, by requiring criminal background checks.  This would increase the cost of doing business for these entities but provides much needed protection for individuals seeking services.

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