Chairman Michael McDonald NV GOP encourages us to speak out now!

Attention: NEVADA REPUBLICANS: PLEASE take 1 minute out of your day, and use the action alert buttons to tell your legislators that this bill needs to be heard. Democrats are trying to keep any bills to strengthen our elections from seeing the light of day – we need your help to put the pressure on them.


Do you want homeless people camping on the sidewalk outside your house? Do you want drug addicts shooting up in your local park? Of course you don’t. But the Democrats do.





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You can also explore more bills with public stances by category in our Advocacy Action Center – we update these daily, and they are the official Republican stance on good and bad bills. For first time readers, one note on abbreviations. AB=Assembly Bill, SB=Senate Bill. Let’s unpack this week!

URGENT ACTION SB142 : No Homeless Encampments in Our Neighborhoods

More Bad Bills we need to speak out on:

Despite only being open for 3 days, the Democrats crammed in a lot of bad bills. 


The Worst of the Worst
SB163 : Speak Out Now Against Taxpayer Funded Sex Operations for Minors
SB131 : Abortion Tourism and Sex Trafficker Protection Law
SB49 : Imposes Same Car Emission Standards as CA
SB162 : Polling Places in Jails


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