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Pray for the Legislature & the Governor!
Monday, April 1, 8 a.m.
Room  2134, Carson
Vote in Senate Commerce Committee on Abortion Tourism
The Entire Senate will vote at a later date.
MESSAGE: Please vote against SB131, the abortion tourism, sex trafficker and predator bill. Since there are no parental notification laws in Nevada SB131 will make Nevada a destination for hack abortionists, sex traffickers and predators forcing girls to get abortions. Don’t make Nevada an abortion tourism destination. Nevadans don’t want to profit from the killing of unborn babies and the heartbreak of women and girls. Vote NO on SB131. (Or better yet write your own message.)
We are sending the Message to the entire Senate in anticipation of the vote on the Floor of the Senate. Every democrat signed on to SB131 which means that we must get every Republican to oppose it so we can ask Governor Lombardo to VETO SB131.
Call Senate Republican Offices: *on the committee
Minority Leader: Heidi Gansert (775) 684-1419
*Carrie Buck (775) 684-1457
Pete Goicoechea (775) 684-1447
*Scott Hammond (775) 684-1442
Ira Hansen (775) 684-1480
Lisa Krasner (775) 684-1450
*Jeff Stone (775) 684-1481
Robin Titus (775) 684-1470
Call Senators’ offices: *on the committee
Sponsor Nicole Cannizzaro (775) 684-1475
*Skip Daly (775) 684-1433
Fabian Donate (775) 684-1427
Marilyn Dondero Loop (775) 684-1445
Edgar Flores (775) 684-1431
Dallas Harris (775) 684-6502
*Roberta Lange (775) 684-6504
Dina Neal (775) 684-1429
Rochelle T. Nguyen (775) 684-1422
James Ohrenschall (775) 684-6503
*Julie Pazina (775) 684-1462
*Melanie Scheible (775) 684-1421
*Pat Spearman (775) 684-1424
And Submit your opinion to the Legislature at the bottom of the page. are currently 257 opposed and 144 in favor.
Oppose the Horrible SB131
The Abortionist, Child Sex Trafficker, and Pedophile ProtectionBill
Making Nevada a Tourist Destination for Abortion
In Nevada there is no parental notification or consent law for abortion. This puts underage girls at risk of abuse because there is no one to advocate for them or protect them. In other states like Utah parental consent is required. These laws protect a child from predators who will force their underage victim to get an abortion to hide their crimes. SB131 eliminates the ability of Nevada to help other states prosecute these predators. This makes Nevada a safe haven for predators like child sex traffickers who will take an underage girl over the border to Nevada to get an abortion. 
This bill will also attracts abortionists from all over the country to Nevada whose clinics have been closed because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade so states can now restrict abortion.
This alert is in cooperation with Nevada Right to Life.
SB131’s first goal is to eliminate the ability of any healthcare licensing board to disqualify unsafe abortionists from practicing in Nevada, turning our state into a dumping ground for hack abortionists. As it is now, veterinarian clinics and nail salons are subject to greater safety regulations than abortion clinics in Nevada.
Already, Planned Parenthood is looking to cash in on women’s heartbreak by offering fly-in “spa vacation” abortions: Fly to Reno, catch a shuttle to the new 8,000-square-foot state-of-the-art abortion clinic, and fly home. Or, perhaps take advantage of the barely over-the-border abortion mill planned for West Wendover.
Predators and Child Sex Traffickers know Nevada has no parental involvement laws. A plain reading of the bill makes it clear that Nevada will not cooperate in the prosecution of those who traffic children over the border to Nevada’s complicit clinics.Parents all over the United States should be concerned, as girls as young as 9 or 10 could be coerced into an abortion without their parent’s knowledge. 
Make no mistake – this is not about healthcare. This is just abortion as a commodity, a cash cow that repays donors who bought legislative seats. Don’t believe me? Guess which committee Majority Leader Cannizzaro sent it to first? Health and Human Services? No. It was sent to the Commerce Committee so we can make money and increase tourism on the heartbreak of abortions.
Abortion tourism is the Democrats’ attempt to diversify the economy on the backs of unborn children and desperate mothers. This is shameful. 
Women, their unborn children, and Nevada deserve better.
·     Nevada should not shield pedophiles and child sex traffickers who transport underage girls to Nevada’s complicit abortionists who cover their crimes. It’s bad enough that Nevada’s children are not protected by parental consent for minors seeking an abortion. 
·     Nevada shouldn’t be a dumping ground for hack abortionists. Healthcare licensing boards should be empowered to deny licenses to reject and dangerous abortionists from elsewhere. 
·     Nevada should not market abortion as a tourist enticement. Economic development and profiteering from aborting unborn babies. 
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