Urgent Inflation Survey

The numbers from last week are startling. Biden-flation JUMPED to 9.1%, the HIGHEST since 1981!

Currently, electricity costs are up 13.7%, gas prices are up 59.9%, grocery costs are up 12.2%, and Housing is up 5.6%.

All of these expenses are hard enough on their own, but combined, they cost the average Nevadan household over $800 a month! Check how much more you are paying by clicking the inflation tracker here and then let us know!


Not to add fuel to the fire but those rates aren’t even including the energy prices, which have all skyrocketed this year. Heating oil for homes is up by 98.1%, and natural gas prices have soared by 38%! Summer is bearing down, and as millions of Americans try to escape the triple-digit heat, they have to choose between sweltering heat or hundreds of dollars in AC bills!


The Left’s inflation is devastating the budgets of thousands of Nevadan families, and everyday working Nevadans simply can’t afford to keep up. Nevadans are paying $10,000 per family in annual inflation, but we want to know how it’s affecting you personally. 

For lower prices, 

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