Let’s Pass Voter ID in Nevada : Support AB88

Highlights – The Good

  • Assembly Bill 88: Greg Hafen, Assemblyman from Pahrump, brought forward a bill to pass Voter ID. A recent poll done in Nevada shows that 74% of Nevadans support voter ID. The entire Republican caucus needs our support on this one, as we know Governor Lombardo will sign it if passed. 
  • Assembly Bill 89 is brought by the entire Republican caucus, and it would require e-Verify for all public works projects in Nevada. If you’re like me, you were probably shocked to find out this wasn’t already the case. 
  • Assembly Bill 103 is a jointly sponsored bill by Assemblywoman Dickman and Senator Titus which would limit the Governor’s emergency powers, requiring Legislative approval after 60 days to maintain a state of emergency. This is a great bill, as we have all suffered under the Sisolak shutdown, and know all too well that we have to limit government so it can never happen again.
  • Assembly Bill 111, sponsored by Assemblywoman Gallant, would protect the right of all Nevadans – even those in HOAs, to display religious items such as a cross or mezuzah at their home. Hopefully, with support, Democrats will do the right thing and stand up for believers in Nevada.
URGENT ACTION : Say No to Abortion Tourism in Nevada

Highlights : The Bad

  • SB131 : Abortion Tourism
    •  This bill is sponsored by the entire Democratic Caucus with the vague subject “revises provisions relating to reproductive care.” SB131’s first goal is to eliminate the ability of any healthcare licensing board to disqualify unsafe abortionists from practicing in Nevada, turning our state into a dumping ground for hack abortionists. As it is now, veterinarian clinics and nail salons are subject to greater safety regulations than abortion clinics in Nevada. Already, Planned Parenthood is looking to cash in on women’s heartbreak by offering fly-in “spa vacation” abortions: Fly to Reno, catch a shuttle to the new 8,000-square-foot state-of-the-art abortion clinic, and fly home. Or, perhaps take advantage of the barely over-the-border abortion mill planned for West Wendover. And finally, this bill protects human traffickers who force their child victims to get abortions. Nevada is the #1 human trafficking site in the country – and victims are usually underage when they start, sometimes as young as 9 or 10. Pimps force their victims to get abortions to keep the money flowing – and this hateful bill would protect the pimps. Because Nevada has no parental notification laws as most of our neighboring states do, this law would put children in great danger as criminals would know that they can come to Nevada to force their victims to have an abortion, and Nevada law enforcement will be blocked from doing anything to protect these children. Abortion is already, unfortunately, legal in Nevada. It can only be changed by a vote of the people. This bill is seeking to cash in on our lax abortion laws at the expense of vulnerable women and children. It’s bad, sad, and we have to speak out against it. 
  • SB96 : Democrats Want to Increase Your Property Taxes to 8%
    • Democrats are trying to raise the property tax cap. You hear this every session – our schools are underfunded, and we need to ‘reset and restructure’ the property tax cap. 1. Our schools are not underfunded. 2. The only reset on property taxes should be to reduce them. Currently, property taxes are capped at 3%, with a taxpayer paying less if applicable. This bill would raise the property tax minimum to 3% and raise the overall cap to 8%. The only house that can stop this is the Senate – and we’ll be asking everyone to use the tools available to oppose this bill.
  • SB162: Polling Places in County Jails
    • Written by former double-dipper Senator Melanie Scheible,who left her job as a DA to keep her state senator gig, this would establish polling places in county jails so those arrested can vote. When people ask what is wrong with Democrats, just show them a copy of this bill. 
  • SB9 : Democrats Plan to Gut Nevada Education
    • “When you can’t win, just change the rules”, should be the Democrat motto. Nevada is ranked last in the nation according to most education measurement standards. Democrats are trying to pass a bill that eliminates final exams, math requirements, ending parental consent, and making it harder for parents to hold schools accountable to federal standards.
  • SB49 : Sets identical emissions standards as CaliforniaWe are not California East, and we certainly don’t need their business crushing green agenda regulations in Nevada. 
URGENT ACTION : Say No to Abortion Tourism in Nevada
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