Assembly Caucus Communication Week of 3/18

Bill Watch Alert   Good morning, now that the bills are coming out quickly it would be
complicated for us to point out each bill of concern. We will soon be
calling for your help and action as these bills are scheduled for hearings
and votes. Moving forward, we’d like to start pointing out bills by whom
they may affect and share how they may affect you or those you care
If you would like to view the document of upcoming bills for the week
they are still listed and linked below for your convenience.
Our focus begins with bills that will affect everyone in Nevada.
This week, it is the time and cost of building homes and schools.
Ultimately, the following bills will cost every home buyer (and renter)
more money, tie up our court systems even more, cause more building
issues that slow progress in our communities and make our housing and schools/classroom shortages worse.
One of the key area’s addressed by the Republican-led 2015
Legislature was construction defect. 
Assembly Bill 125 (AB125) was one with critical and necessary common
sense changes in the construction industry and helped move Nevada
forward. It included some necessary corrections of law that helped us
increase the speed in which homes were built, while lowering the cost of new homes during the home shortage when we needed it most. Among
other things, it shortened the statute of limitations (time someone can sue a contractor) for construction defect cases and provisions that hold
harmless and segment contractors and subcontractors to within their
own scope of work. For instance, if the roof of a new home collapses, the homeowner cannot sue the plumbing subcontractor which was the case
before these changes in AB125 were made. It also lessened the incentives for attorneys who were chasing construction defect lawsuits, so it
stopped a lot of false litigation. This allowed companies to focus on
building homes and being as efficient with time and money for home
*In 2018, the result was an estimated $11 billion in total economic output, nearly $4 billion in wages and salaries, and over 75,000 jobs in the
Two committee Bill Draft Resolutions, BDR 3-374 from the Senate
Judiciary Committee and BDR 841 from the Assembly Judiciary
Committee, lurk on the horizon.  Should they roll back the provisions of
AB125, Nevada, its construction industry, and those seeking affordable
housing and a place to live in a timely manner will suffer the ultimate
In the 2019 Legislative Session, Democrats have three bills that
address prevailing wages.  Assembly Bill 136 (AB136) from Speaker Jason Frierson revises the manner in which prevailing wage is determined and lowers the estimated thresholds at or above which prevailing wage
requirements apply to public construction projects.  Senate Bill 231
(SB231) from Senator Chris Brooks revises the provision governing the
payment of prevailing wages, eliminates certain prohibitions relating to
agreements with labor unions concerning contracts with a public body
for a public work or with an awardee of grants, tax abatements, tax
credits, or tax exemptions from a public body.
Finally, Richard “Skip” Daly has introduced Assembly Bill 190 
 (AB190) which revises the requirements pursuant to which a contractor or subcontractor engaged on a public work may discharge his or her
obligation to pay prevailing wages to a worker. It also revises
provisions relating to how prevailing wages are determined by the Labor Commission and the duration of such rates on public work and
eliminates the exemptions for charter schools from the requirement to
pay prevailing wages. 
Together these three bills will halt any progress that was made with the
passage of Assembly Bill 172 (AB172) in 2015 Legislature.  
This is just another example of the old saying,
“Elections have consequences.”
In this case, just as with construction defect, the result will be drastically higher costs of construction that will be passed on to the tax payers. Link: Our Bill Watch List for the week of 3/25/2019 Search and track bills important to you This will be our important subject to cover
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