Ballot Harvesting in Nevada–Legal or Not?

Did you know that ballot harvesting is still legal in Nevada?

For those out of the loop, ballot harvesting is when a group or person is allowed to pick up and drop off ballots from any voter, and they can be volunteers or paid for picking up ballots. However, because it is legal in Nevada, we do offer the option for secure ballot dropoff at any of our offices to ensure your vote counts (see infographic below for dropoff location/times). 

Democrats codified this former felony into law in 2021. They know that our elections are easy to manipulate, and keeping this loophole open is just begging for the Left to meddle in our elections.

If you’ve ever seen the documentary “2000 Mules,” you may have seen what ballot harvesting can look like. In Nevada, it is completely legal to do this. The perpetrators would be allowed off free of charge and the action would be considered legal!

 As Nevadans, we have a duty to ensure that our elections are free and fair for all, and while the Left keeps this practice legal, that simply can’t happen.

Our very process of Democracy is at risk, and we want to know – will you pitch in and join the fight to protect our elections? This helps us elect Republicans who will pass common-sense election reform legislation, such as Voter ID and abolishing unsolicited mail-in ballots.


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