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Election Results | WOODTV.comMessage from Susan Ruch, Chairman Carson City Republican Party

The election is over; this past Friday, our Board of Supervisors, with Mayor Bagwell, certified the election here in Carson City. We did have many disappointments, but we also had many victories. Working the polls as a poll worker, I was astounded at how many people did not research the initiatives and did not know answer the three ballot questions. In the future, if in doubt about the consequences of the questions, it is usually safer to just answer NO. These questions change the Constitution and will take several elections to reverse the adverse effects. Fortunately, we have two years to educate people on the negative effect Rank voting will have on our state, question 3. Question 1 and Question 2 passed and will now change our Constitution. Neither will be a positive move for the state.

The Republican Party of Carson tried to educate people on Question 1, which passed and, with Governor Sisolak’s signature, will be part of our Constitution. The writers of this amendment, titled ERA, were very clever in writing it and how they confused Nevadans. Many people saw the title and thought it was to improve women’s rights. The bottom line, it was an attack on women and will not improve the quality of life of women’s lives here in Nevada. Transgender will now be a protected class of people in Nevada. As a nation, we want to be accepting of all people. With this vote, boys can now play your daughter’s/granddaughter’s sports and be in their bathrooms and showers. Transgender citizens now have constitutional protection as a protected class. Girls who have trained for a particular sport all of their lives can now have their trophies and scholarships taken away by a boy who claims he is transgender. When people realize what has occurred and there is a public outcry, there will be only one remedy. We will need three election cycles to reverse this injustice to women. I don’t understand why women activists are not outraged; there should have been a massive outcry from women who want to protect their girls.

Elections have consequences, and thankfully we did have wins. Most notable was Scott Hoen, who was running for Clerk-Recorder here in Carson City. Scott worked endlessly to win his very close election against Stacie Wilkes McCulloch, a candidate backed by George Soros. I recently learned that Soros’s money paid for daily text messages to democrats to encourage voters to vote for Stacy and Agular. Aguilar, our new Secretary of State, and McCulloch are both listed on Soros’s Website, Open Democracy. Scott has committed to Carson City’s citizens to help clean up our voter rolls and numerous other things. People who did not particularly care for our present SoS, Barbara Cegavske, will be in for a big shock with this new SoS. Cisco Aguilar believes our elections are just fine even though we are rated number 50 by the Heritage Foundation for Elections with problems. Thankfully, we have a new Governor, Joe Lombardo, and a new Lt. Governor, Stavros Anthony. With these two men at the helm of Nevada’s government, we can look forward to moving in the right direction.

We need to congratulate all of the following candidates as well: Mark Amodei (U.S. Representative District 2), Lisa Krasner (State Senate District 16), and PK O’Neill (State Assembly, District 40), who is now the Minority Leader. Unfortunately, the Dems have a supermajority in our Assembly but not the Senate. Many close races, especially in the south, could have changed this situation, but we must live with this election. Once more elections have consequences, Republicans can’t sit home; they must vote. “ “Within the central committee of the Republican Party of Carson, we had our election. Thursday, we had an election for the 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer, and State Committeemen. I want to congratulate our winners. Our new 2nd Vice Chair, Maire King, is the Chair who has worked endlessly to give us 1st Fridays for most of this year. She is a team player and is an excellent addition to our executive board. Our new Treasurer, Gordon Allen, comes to us with years of experience. Another great addition to the central committee is our new State Committeewoman, Carolann Roberts, who has been a volunteer in our office for months. Anyone who has visited our office will have seen the darling Patriotic knit hats she has created for us. They are available in various sizes, starting with toddler sizes. She is a welcome addition to our team. I want to thank all of these team players who have stepped up and volunteered for all of you.

On December 2, we will hold a lovely Christmas Party for all of you. The evening promises a party full of fun for all our members, new and old friends. We will have an hour to socialize with a no-host bar and time to visit Santa Clause with pictures. We will have live music during this hour. We are having a delicious turkey dinner with tasty desserts. After dinner, Santa will be available for additional photos. We will also have a Santa Workshop with silent auction items for your Christmas shopping. Music will resume for the last hour and a half for dancing. We now have the availability to purchase tickets online. We ask you to bring an unopened toy and a pair of socks. Be sure to join us; it is time to have some enjoyment moving towards Christmas after this past grueling political season.

2023 will be here before we know it. Taking back the U.S. House was a victory for us. We have our Legislative Session starting in February with many challenges. We need to be forward-thinking and prepared to be activists. In February, we will address lousy legislation that the Democrats will try to pass. Boots on the Ground will resume cleaning the voter rolls with the help of our new Clerk-Recorder, Scott Hoen. We must address educating the public on Rank Voting, do outreach to the Latino community, and increase voter registration. Our new 2nd Vice Chair, Marie King, will be looking for additional volunteers for the office. If you have previously stated you would like to volunteer in the office, please reach out to Marie King at the beginning of December. We have time slots where we could use additional volunteers; I can attest that our office is a family and enjoyable place to volunteer.

Thank you, everyone, for walking, phone banking, handing out slate cards, and working the polls in all capacities, including our booth. Each of you contributed to our candidates winning their elections, from local candidates to the Governorship. These candidates can’t win without you. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you in the future. There is much to do leading up to the 2024 Election, and it’s hard to believe the election season starts this spring. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

“Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” Written by Charles de Gaulle

We must stay involved and continue educating ourselves about our country’s issues. It’s the only way we reverse problems plaguing our country. Join us. We need your help.

God Bless Carson City, Nevada, United States, and you.

Susan Ruch, Chairman
Carson City Republican Party
1971 California St, Carson City, NV 89701 
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