URGENT! Joey Gilbert for School Board Trustee — Stand Up For Our School Kids!

Republican Women of Reno

Sun, Nov 20 at 12:49 PM

As you know the Washoe County school district has failed our children and parents at every level. Today we have a chance to take it back!


There is an open third seat the trustees are scurrying to fill (except Jeff Church).

We have an amazing candidate in Joey Gilbert.

 He is light years more qualified than any other potential candidate. Joey Gilbert is the only applicant with a daughter in the district going to school (12 year old) —who has been at the school board meetings for the past three years and has more experience on the problems facing our school as he ran for governor and visited all 17 counties.
 Joey has worked with education experts, and has a plan to reform the schools and no one knows more about the problems that were facing the schools, including the COVID-19 shenanigans then Joey Gilbert.
 He sued the governor over the mask mandate, and also the vaccine mandate for university kids, and to protect students of all ages and he was originally hired by a group of parents in 2019 and formed “the peoples champ pac” —to fight for the children. 
He’s the only applicant to the appointment that will do what’s best for the children. If Joey is able to make it on the board with Westlake and Church they can literally save our kids in the first week!

Take 60 seconds and send an email in support of Joey to: 


 Just speak your mind on why they need to appoint Joey Gilbert for School Board trustee district E
 Be polite please. Let them know you want Joey appointed, and let’s see what they do. 
 If they really care about the kids and the parents they will absolutely appoint Joey. If they don’t, they will ALL be exposed (except Church) for their corruption and let’s sue the crap out of them personally for picking a friend vs the MOST qualified!

Again please send your email immediately to the following addresses


 God bless and thank you for standing up for our kids!
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