All the Bills Are In! — Update on Week 8 of Legislative Session

Here are the latest Bill Highlights from Our Members

This marks the eighth week of the 82nd Nevada Legislative ssion. On Monday, the 27th, all bills were officially introduced in the Assembly. For the rest of session, we’ll have hearings and work sessions in committee and votes on the Assembly Floor. As always, our Republican Caucus members are fighting for our legislative priorities and supporting Governor Lombardo’s initiatives in every way.

This week, our members presented many bills before committee, dealing with everything from cutting down on bureaucracy involved in selling your car to limiting taxes on premium cigars to promoting geothermal energy in the Silver State.

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  •  Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy presented AB315 on Thursday. This bill would promote the development of geothermal energy in NV! This is an important step in developing and diversifying our State’s energy resources for a sustainable future.
  • Also on Thursday, Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II presented AB384, which makes it easier to purchase and obtain titles for used cars. This fixes current law, which makes it hard to sell cars that have salvage titles, even when these cars only need one or two fixed parts to get back on the road.
  • In the Assembly Revenue Committee, Assemblyman Toby Yurek presented AB295, a bill that will provide tax exemptions for veterans and surviving spouses of veterans.
  • In the Assembly Revenue Committee, Assemblyman Brian Hibbetts presented AB232, a bill that would cap Nevada taxes on premium cigars so that Nevada’s cigar retailers and shops can charge lower, competitive prices and stay in business here in Nevada.
  • Republican Leader PK O’Neill presented 2 bills in Nat. Res. Committee this week: AB325 reduces the paperwork needed by the Division of Water Resources before allowing the relocation of water rights on federal land. AB349 establishes the Nevada Wildlife Conservation Program!
  • In the Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services, Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama presented AB188, a much-needed expansion of Nevada’s Right to Try law, which will help those with terminal illnesses seek experimental treatments.
  • Assemblyman Rich DeLong introduced AB191, a much-needed deregulation bill in the Natural Resources Committee, which would provide regulatory relief and reduce unnecessary red tape for small water suppliers.
  • Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen introduced AB309, which would help HOA communities enfranchise more homeowners and unit owners, increase voter participation, and save money each election cycle. This bill also adds due process provisions for HOA board members to facilitate HOA governance.


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